"Vivai De Laurentiis" are situated at  the boundaries of the National Park of Maiella so  passion and  professionalism drive from the experience about cultivation that has been for ten years.

So " Vivai De Laurentiis" produce plants of top quality and they are favourited for a  microclimate with sudden change in temperature between night and by low temperatures during the winter.

They are essential conditions  to give the plants resistance and robustness.

Nowadays the farm spreads over an area of about square metres 120,ooo of which square metres 80,ooo in field and square metres 40,ooo of container production.

"Vivai De Laurentiis" have done transplanting and removals with "  clod machinery " since 1994.

The packings of clods with rag and net stert from 35 centimetres in diameter.

As for production in pots, they try to make the " rinvasi" in the best periods and only deliveries with a good rooting.





vivai di conifere alberi ornamentali